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What is an adoption agreement between an adult and an adopting parent?

The law allows people to adopt adults as well as children. Each state has different legal requirements regarding ages and the procedure itself. The process of adult adoption can be as complicated as in the case with minor children, however, it has some peculiarities. Unlike in the event of taking custody of a child, the adoptive parents and the adoptee (who can be their stepchild, grandchild, niece/nephew, etc.) make a special agreement before they apply to the court. An adoption agreement between an adult and an adopting parent is a document that certifies the mutual desire of both parties to step into a legal relationship as parent and child. This agreement sets all rights and responsibilities that occur between the parties. It contains the adoptee’s consent to be adopted and what family name they wish to take.

The agreement must be in writing, properly dated, and signed by both parties. After completing the document, parties should file a petition for approval of an adoption agreement between an adult and an adopting parent to the court of the county where one of the parties resides. The court investigates all the evidence provided, considering the interests of the parties. The court may approve or deny the petition if it finds the adoption not being in the best interest of the adoptee and/or adoptive parents.

What is an affidavit of paternity?

In the event when the parents of a newborn child aren’t married, they have two options for establishing paternity. They can apply to the court of their country and receive a judge order recognizing the biological father of the child as its legal parent. They can also affirm this themselves without going to court by completing an affidavit of paternity. This document is recognized by the law of all states as an official acknowledgment of parenthood with some state-specific distinctive features. The affidavit of paternity must be signed by the father of a child and by their mother at any time after the child is born. Once the document is completed and signed, the law recognizes the biological father as the child’s parent. However, the parents decide themselves which rights to grant to the father. With the consent of both parties, he can get custody rights, visitation time, or parents may agree to give the child’s father’s surname. Besides, it can be used for establishing the father’s financial and medical support for the kid.

Where can I get an affidavit of paternity?

The affidavit of paternity must be completed and signed by both mother and biological father of the child when parents want to legally establish his paternity. You can find and complete the blank in the hospital after the child is born, or later in a local health department of your county.

You can also take advantage of signNow’s online form catalog. Here, you can electronically fill out the document, sign it with a legally-binding eSignature, and send it for signing to your partner.

How do I write a letter of permission for a child to travel?

Children can travel abroad with one parent only with official permission from another parent (or both when going unaccompanied). If your child is traveling abroad, you should complete, sign, and witness the International travel consent form for a minor (also called affidavit and authorization form). The document must contain all the information regarding the child (their name, date of birth) together with the personal and contact information of the accompanying person). Also, the form must contain the full trip details (to where and how the child is going, the dates of the trip, the reasons for traveling with one parent or another person). Parents include their full names and contacts when signing the form.

If the child is going on a trip within the country (e.g., with a school excursion), then a release of liability form for the field trip must be signed by their parent/guardian. This will certify that parents/ guardians grant permission to the child for taking part in school trips and activities. By signing this form, parents assume all risks related to the trip and confirm their responsibility for the child, releasing school personnel from further liability in case of injuries or damages.

What is a sample agreement to purchase real estate and where can I find it?

A purchase and sale agreement is a legal document that determines the responsibilities of the estate buyer and seller before the transaction takes place. However, it doesn’t transfer ownership rights. This document declares that the seller wants to sell and the buyer wants to purchase the defined property, defines the financial terms of the transaction, and liabilities for both parties. You can write your own contract but using a ready-made template is more preferable and safe. Use the signNow form library to get the sample agreement to purchase real estate and fill it out electronically. The platform provides legally-binding eSignatures, so you can securely eSign your contract and send it for signing to another party.

Apart from the purchase agreement sample, the signNow form catalog offers many other templates related to real estate operations, including an agreement to lease the commercial property with an option to purchase at end of the lease term, a cooperative apartment sublease agreement, a notice of termination of a residential lease, etc.

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