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How to send documents for eSignature

Organizations and remote workers often go through many manual paper-based steps to get a signature from clients, partners, and other associates on agreements and contracts. This way, the signer receives, prints, and signs the document. They then scan or photographs it, create a PDF, and email it back. But there’s a better, faster way. Try signNow, a trusted eSignature solution for creating, signing, sharing, and collecting eSigned documents remotely. Embedding eSignatures into your workflow with signNow is easy. We’ve put together some questions to help you manage your eSignature business processes more efficiently.

How to set an expiration date for a document

By setting an expiration date and adding reminders, you can make sure your document is signed on time. The Advanced Options feature allows you to set a document expiration date and extend it if necessary (the default expiration date is 30 days). When adding signers, go to Advanced Options and specify the desired period (up to 180 days). Use eSignature capabilities on your own terms, wherever and whenever you need.

Can I send a reminder to sign a document in signNow?

Using signNow’s advanced features, you can set a reminder so that your recipient never forgets to sign the document you sent them. After editing the form, when it’s time to add signers, click Advanced Options. You need the Set Reminders section. Specify the number of days you want the recipient to receive the reminder in their email. Note that automatic reminders, real-time updates, and notifications mean that you can easily control and monitor how your documents are signed.

How to send a Bulk Invite

signNow’s Bulk Invite feature automates the sending of contracts and forms to many people at the same time. First, you need an Excel spreadsheet with a list of signer emails saved in SVC format. Find the bulk send feature in the More menu. All listed contacts will receive a unique link to sign the document. No need to enter multiple emails manually.

What is a shared Signature Link?

A signNow Signing Link is a generated link that you can copy and share (email, direct messages, blogs, websites, etc.) with any number of signers. Recipients click the link to open the document on any device and sign it in a couple of clicks. Signed copies will appear in your account. You’ll also receive an email notification.

How to set multiple recipients

If you need to share a document, such as a questionnaire or a survey, with many recipients, you can use signNow. First, you need to create a document template. Then, select the template you created, click the Create Signing Link button on the template itself, or go to the More menu. The pop-up menu window will give you a link to share with anyone. signNow features allow you to create and submit signature forms in a smooth and hassle-free eSignature workflow.

How to collect payments online

signNow is integrated with two online payment solutions — Payeezy and Stripe. To choose Payeezy, all you have to do is copy and paste two lines from one account to another. If you prefer Stripe, connecting your account to signNow is just as fast and easy. Find more information on our website or in the Help Center. Keep your documents and payments secure and in one place with signNow.

How to collect signatures online

With signNow, you get the best functionality to quickly and securely collect signed documents on any device, with just a few simple clicks. Upload a form, edit it online, and send it for signing. Recipients can then sign them without having to register a signNow account. Easily and securely collect legally-binding electronic signatures from anyone, anywhere.

How to attach a file to a document

If you need additional attachments for a signed contract or other form, you can use signNow’s advanced Request Attachments feature. Open the template you need in your account or create a new one; the required tool can be found in the left-hand toolbar. Place the smart field anywhere on the page and specify the type of attachment you need. Add a Signature Field, and it’s ready to go.

How to make a document signable online

With signNow, you can quickly create a signable document by saving it as a standard PDF file to open on any OS, self-sign it, and send it& nbsp;out for signing. All you need to do is upload the form to your signNow account and drag-and-drop a Signature Field. When the signer clicks on this field, a pop-up window opens where the user can quickly create their unique legally-binding eSignature and sign the document anytime, anywhere, from any device.

How to sign a document with signNow

If you’ve been asked to sign a document electronically, you can create an eSignature and customize it on virtually any device with signNow. Thanks to the intuitive Signature Wizard, it only takes a few seconds to create a unique signature: type, draw, or upload a photo of your handwritten signature. Save the one you like most and reuse it later as many times as you need.
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