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Connect your OneDrive for Business account to signNow so you can easily send, sign, and save documents to OneDrive.

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Connect your OneDrive for Business account to signNow and get started today!

How it works
Send documents from OneDrive for signature
Once your OneDrive account is connected with signNow, easily send, sign, and store documents directly to your OneDrive account. With signNow you can send documents for signature in a role-based order, create reusable templates, and collaborate on documents.
| Build eSignature workflows
How it works
Save signed documents to OneDrive
Securely store executed documents in OneDrive. Save documents and access the court-admissible Audit Trail to view all document status updates, timestamps, and IP addresses.
| Build eSignature workflows
How it works
Provide customers with a seamless signing experience
Delight recipients with an automated signing guidance and intuitive experience anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Your signers don't need to register with signNow or download any software.
| Build eSignature workflows

Simplify document signing, sending, and storing with signNow for OneDrive

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  • Increase your organization’s productivity

    Eliminate printing, scanning, and mailing paper documents. Send documents from OneDrive to multiple signers via an invite link or email.

  • Improve team collaboration

    Create signNow Teams to securely collaborate on documents from OneDrive with your teammates. Track all changes in real-time.

  • Customize your signature invite

    Request additional signer authentication using password protection or a phone number. Set up reminders for signers and document expiration dates to meet deadlines.

  • Reduce document errors

    Make your documents easy to complete by adding fillable fields, setting up validation types, and assigning roles to signers.


Business Cloud

Automate business processes with the ultimate suite of tools that are customizable for any use case.

  • Award-winning eSignature. Approve, deliver, and eSign documents to conduct business anywhere and anytime.
  • End-to-end online PDF editor. Create, edit, and manage PDF documents and forms in the cloud.
  • Online library of 85K+ state-specific legal forms. Find up-to-date legal forms and form packages for any use case in one place.

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  • Improve your organization’s productivity

    Sign and send documents for signing in a role-based order from your favorite app.

  • Maintain compliance and security

    signNow helps you satisfy global security certifications and comply with signature legislation.

  • Save money and time

    Reduce expenses on printing, scanning, or faxing by signing documents electronically.

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