Protect the Integrity and Authenticity of Your Signed Documents with the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

signNow follows the PKI security protocol to provide the highest level of security and global acceptance of digital signatures. Learn how signNow empowers users to send documents for safe digital signatures.

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Everything you need to know about the signNow PKI

What are digital signatures?

Digital signatures are often used in highly regulated industries and regions to ensure that an authorized sender has signed a document and it was not modified in transit. A digital signature is generated using a trusted digital ID, aka a digital certificate or public key certificate. An accredited Certificate Authority (CA) issues a digital certificate after validating the requestor's identity.

How does digital signing work?

Digital signatures use the public-key cryptography method to generate a pair of private and public keys, included in a digital certificate. When a signer adds their digital signature using a private key, the digital certificate is also cryptographically bound to a document. During the verification process, the linked public key decrypts a signature, ensuring its authenticity and validity.

What is a PKI?

Public Key Infrastructure is a security technology that enables digital signature processes. PKI consists of the roles, policies, procedures, and systems needed to create digital signatures, administer digital certificates, and manage public keys. PKI facilitates the trusted electronic identities for individuals or institutions with digital certificates and a Certificate Authority.

How to send a document for signature using PKI

Upload a document to your signNow account and open it in the editor. Drag and drop fillable fields and assign roles.


Click SAVE AND INVITE once your document is ready for sending.

Add recipient emails, set the signing order, and check the box Send using GlobalSign PKI signature.


Note: only eligible organizations can send documents using the PKI technology. Contact us for details.

How to add a secure digital signature under PKI requirements

Once you receive a signature request, click to open a document and add your digital signature in seconds. You can draw, type, or upload an image of your signature.


How to view a digital certificate

Once every signer has signed your document, you can download it and view the digital certificate. To open a digital certificate, open your signed document in Adobe Acrobat Reader®. Click on the digital signature and select Signature Properties > Show Signer’s Certificate.

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Real-time accessibility coupled with instant notifications means you’ll never miss anything. View stats and document progress via easy-to-understand reports and dashboards.

Mobile eSigning in person and remotely

signNow enables you to eSign on any device from any location, whether you are working remotely from home or are in person at your workplace. Every eSigning experience is flexible and customizable.

Industry polices and compliance

Your electronic signatures are legally binding. signNow assures the highest compliance with US and EU eSignature laws and supports market-specific rules.

Using the signNow pki technology, quicker than ever

signNow provides a using the signNow pki technology feature that helps enhance document workflows, get agreements signed quickly, and work seamlessly with PDFs.

Useful eSignature extensions

Benefit from simple-to-install signNow add-ons for Google Docs, Chrome browser, Gmail, and much more. Try signNow’s legally-binding eSignature features with a mouse click

Our user reviews speak for themselves

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Kodi-Marie Evans
Director of NetSuite Operations at Xerox
signNow provides us with the flexibility needed to get the right signatures on the right documents, in the right formats, based on our integration with NetSuite.
Review from Director of NetSuite Operations at Xerox
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Samantha Jo
Enterprise Client Partner at Yelp
signNow has made life easier for me. It has been huge to have the ability to sign contracts on-the-go! It is now less stressful to get things done efficiently and promptly.
Review from Enterprise Client Partner at Yelp
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Megan Bond
Digital marketing management at Electrolux
This software has added to our business value. I have got rid of the repetitive tasks. I am capable of creating the mobile native web forms. Now I can easily make payment contracts through a fair channel and their management is very easy.
Review from Digital marketing management at Electrolux
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signNow solutions for better efficiency

Keep contracts protected
Enhance your document security and keep contracts safe from unauthorized access with dual-factor authentication options. Ask your recipients to prove their identity before opening a contract to using the signNow pki technology.
Stay mobile while eSigning
Install the signNow app on your iOS or Android device and close deals from anywhere, 24/7. Work with forms and contracts even offline and using the signNow pki technology later when your internet connection is restored.
Integrate eSignatures into your business apps
Incorporate signNow into your business applications to quickly using the signNow pki technology without switching between windows and tabs. Benefit from signNow integrations to save time and effort while eSigning forms in just a few clicks.
Generate fillable forms with smart fields
Update any document with fillable fields, make them required or optional, or add conditions for them to appear. Make sure signers complete your form correctly by assigning roles to fields.
Close deals and get paid promptly
Collect documents from clients and partners in minutes instead of weeks. Ask your signers to using the signNow pki technology and include a charge request field to your sample to automatically collect payments during the contract signing.
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What active users are saying — digital signature public key

Get access to signNow’s reviews, our customers’ advice, and their stories. Hear from real users and what they say about features for generating and signing docs.

SignNow is a life saver! Convenient, easy to use... my clients love it!
SignNow Customer

With buyers and sellers all over the country and the globe, being able to sign listing and purchase agreements electronically is a must. SignNow is convenient, easy to use, and my clients love it. Being able to use the app on my mobile device has changed my business for the better. I will never look back!

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Easy to use service allowing me to conduct business where ever I am.

The ability to sign forms even when I am not in the office which is quite often due to all the work I do in the field.

I have been using the system for over a year now. It allows me to conduct business no matter if I am in the office or not. I have to sign medical consent forms for my clients and this allows me to do so no matter where I am. I use both the mobile app and the online desktop version.

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Up there with the best for half the price!

SignNow has all the features of the heavyweights in the digital signing market for half the price. It's simple and intuitive to use and is a great one stop solution for all your digital document signing needs.

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