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eSignature for Any Document Format

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Electronic signature for Any Document Format

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Edit PDFs
Generate templates of your most used documents for signing and completion.
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Share a document via a link without the need to add recipient emails.
Assign roles to signers
Organize complex signing workflows by adding multiple signers and assigning roles.
Create a document template
Create teams to collaborate on documents and templates in real time.
Add Signature fields
Get accurate signatures exactly where you need them using signature fields.
Archive documents in bulk
Save time by archiving multiple documents at once.
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How can I quickly eSign a document?

Since its official adoption, eSignature has become a proven way to cut the costs associated with paperwork. It helps create a more eco-friendly environment and lets anyone sign papers from anywhere and at any time. Here’s how you can save time by certifying your document using our solution. Start by logging in to your account. Drag and drop your document or click Upload or Create to add one from your computer. You can upload a document in any available format: PDF, PNG, JPG, PPTX, or DOCX. The output file will be automatically converted into PDF, which is easier to share and protect. Click to open the document and select My signature from the Fill Out Myself toolbar on the left > Add New Signature > select how you want to add it. Drag your newly generated eSignature anywhere on the document. Hit Save and Close if your document is good to go.

How do I learn how to set up an eSignature workflow with signNow?

The signNow interface is self-explanatory and doesn’t require any special skills to grasp. However, if you want to make the most of our solution, there’re some features that you might need additional assistance with. As soon as you set up an account, you will be guided with the basic pop-up tutorial on how to get started with signNow. You can also use a pre-uploaded sample document and get a feel for all the features before applying them to the real one. signNow offers multiple step-by-step tutorials and guides on every single feature that can help you improve the signing experience. Additionally, you can contact our support team and ask for help with any questions that might occur.

How do I eSign a Word document?

If you only sign documents rarely or require a one-off signing, then MS Word’s functionality is a good option for you. You can use multiple ways to add an electronic signature to a Word document. Some of them don’t require too much hassle. For instance, you can sign a document in Word by adding a Signature line. If you want it to be more personalized, you can insert a scanned picture of your signature. However, the process will be fairly convoluted, especially if multiple persons must sign. That’s why we recommend using signNow. It allows you to add a personalized and legally-binding signature to your document and build complex eSignature workflows around your documents.